Gilmer High School Sports Hall of Fame recognizes:

  • excellence in athletics as demonstrated by former Gilmer High School athletes,
  • or outstanding contributions made to the Gilmer High School athletic program by coaches, administrators, support personnel, or booster club members.

The GHS Athletic Hall of Fame consists of two categories for induction:

  1. Athletes
  2. Support/Special Service

Athletes are defined as anyone having participates in at least one sport for a minimum of two years. For this category, the following are considered as a sport as recognized by the Georgia High School Association: football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, golf, wrestling, cross country, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball and softball. This list may be amended as Gilmer High School adopts additional sports.

The Support/Special Service category is defined as any coach, school administrator, support personnel, or booster club member who has made a significant contribution to the GHS athletic program. Examples are: won-loss record, volunteerism, leadership, accomplishments through one’s individual effort or leadership of an organization, civic group, or business. Consideration will not be based upon a significant monetary contribution.

To be considered for induction…

  • Athletes must have graduated from GHS or received their GED and have been out of school for at least 20 years.
  • Support/Special Service category nominees will be considered at least 10 years after the date of their recognized contribution to the program.
  • Specific criteria used for selection into the Athletic Hall of Fame includes:
    • Excellence in performance (State Champion, All State, All State Honorable Mention, and College Athletic Scholarship).
    • Display of character and leadership in sports, and community activities.
    • Honors received, records established, and milestone achievements in a particular sport.
    • Significant contributions made to the school and community.

In addition to the athletic achievement, the committee will take into consideration contributions made to the school and community throughout their lifetime.

Procedure for Selection

Any employee of the Gilmer County Public schools, family member, booster club officers, or the general public may submit a nomination for consideration to the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee screens all nominations. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee consists of members who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

One should not be placed in the Hall of Fame based upon someone’s recollections. There must be documentation and a packet of information that will be kept on file. An athlete who is nominated to the Hall of Fame enters a three year window of opportunity to be selected. If not selected during this period of time, his/her name will be removed.

In order to be selected for induction, an athlete must receive a majority vote from the Hall of Fame membership. All members of the Hall of Fame will vote. Members who are not present will vote by absentee ballot. If an athlete is not selected on the first ballot, she or he still has an opportunity to be selected at a later date during the three year period of eligibility.

The Hall of Fame committee reserves the right to withdraw an application or remove a member who has already been inducted for submitting false information.

The person making the nomination and the nominee muse work closely together in putting together the packet of information. The more information that is in the profile the more improved is the nominee’s chance of being selected.

The Hall of Fame committee will be especially interested in the kind of information listed below:

  1. State recognition (State Champion or high finish in a State Championship)
  2. Records set
  3. Games won
  4. Championships won
  5. Scoring records
  6. Outstanding statistics for any category (milestone achievements for a particular sport)
  7. Most valuable player awards
  8. Recognition by coaches and teammates
  9. Recognition by other schools
  10. Any publications about you which are impressive
  11. Received college athletic scholarship

If Nominating by Mail – Please Include the Following

The packet of information will become the property of the Hall of Fame committee and will not be returned during the three year period for which the nominee will be considered for induction. The packet of information should contain copies of the following:

  1. Times Courier articles
  2. Atlanta-Journal Constitution article
  3. Programs
  4. Annuals
  5. School Newspaper articles
  6. Scrapbook Articles
  7. School Records
  8. Georgia High School Record Books or other GHSA manuals
  9. Gilmer County Library information
  10. Other publications
  11. Photographs (with explanations)

Copies can be made of any sports articles that have ever been published in the Atlanta newspapers. They are on microfilm at large libraries throughout the state. The most accessible ones to Gilmer County are located at State of Georgia University, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Atlanta History Center.

This packet of information should be mailed to:

Gilmer Sports Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 63
Ellijay, GA 30540