Greg Frady – Gives Keynote Address

L-R: James Bradley 2009, Keynote Speaker Greg Frady 2006 , Susan McVey 2016, Patrick McVey 2009. Gilmer Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2006 Inductee Greg Frady was the Keynote speaker for the [...]

Bob Bryan

Inducted in 2011 Football, Basketball, Track

Mark Pettit

Inducted in 2019 Basketball, Track, & Tennis

  • photo of Ronald Thomas

Ronald Thomas

Inducted in 2022 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, & Track

Mark West

Inducted in 2022 Baseball, Track, Basketball, & Football

  • Don Mullinax
  • Don Mullinax
  • Don Mullinax

Don Mullinax

Inducted in 2021 Football, Baseball, Track, Basketball, & Wrestling

Noah Harris

Inducted in 2019 Football, Wrestling, Track, and Golf

Amanda Parker

Inducted in 2019 Basketball, Softball, Track, and Golf

Pam Gibson

Inducted in 2018 Basketball, Tennis, & Softball

Neil Gary

Inducted in 2018 Wrestling & Football

Mike Brumby

Inducted in 2018 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf

John Hoke

Inducted in 2004 - Special Service Award Football Coach

Greg Frady

Inducted in 2006 Football, Basketball, Baseball

Ed Worley

Inducted in 2002 Football, Track & Field

John Waddell

Inducted in 2013 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track

Sam Snider

Inducted in 2010 Football, Track, Wrestling

Mel Mosley

Inducted in 2012 Football, Basketball, Baseball

Del Land

Inducted in 2016 Baseball, Basketball, Voice of the Bobcats, Support

Ben Kiker

Inducted in 2008 Football & Basketball

Bill Key

Inducted in 2008 Football, Basketball, Track & Field

Greg Burrell

Inducted in 2016 Football, Basketball, Track & FIeld

Ben Arp

Inducted in 2013 Teacher, Principal, Superintendent

Jack Adams

Inducted in 2004 Football & Track and Field